Rule of Thirds 3 – High Tide

Another two recent shots from this weeks walk about that might fit this theme. In the first shot the sea was quite calm compared to ten minutes later. As you can see in the next one it was a pretty high tide and I did at one point get absolutely drenched. Still, if you are not there you won’t get the shot.



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WPC – Rule of thirds 2


Two entries at once but it just so happens I took both of these photographs on the same day last week. I missed last weeks challenge so thought I would balance that out by entering two into this (one being a bit OCD and the like.)

Not so much OCD  however that I wanted to pull it into Photoshop to straighten it up for perfection. It was an upward shot and I like it just how it is, rules begone.

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WPC – Rule of thirds

WPC – Scale – Single File

There was such a melancholy about this scene of small posts protecting the new dunes on the beach on a very foggy morning that I had to capture it to see if anybody else saw what I did.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Scale 2

Weekly Photo Challenge – Scale

You can always get a sense of scale with my second obsession – Clouds.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Depth 2

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Depth.”

DSC_0294 L

I am terribly drawn to the bleak, the solitary and the unwritten narrative. Be it a raging sea, a solitary person or a lonesome tree against a stark white sky. I have taken enough photographs to know this.

On a some level there is just something that catches me about those scenes emotionally. I am particularly drawn to shooting people walking away into an empty place, a place holds no clues as to the journey ahead and I want to look at that photograph and wonder what the beginning and ending of that story is.

I have a friend who analyses me about this. He thinks there is something on a deeper level that makes me shoot scenes like this but I don’t think so. I have always been drawn to photography that can potentially tell a story, so to me it stands to reason that there are times when I am naturally drawn to that within my own photography. As I keep telling him when he starts on, it really isn’t that deep man.


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