Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh

We have a saying here in the North if you venture out in the cold, particularly by the sea and that is ‘By ‘Eck, it’s a bit fresh out there.’  Which of course means ‘Goodness me, it is rather chilly’ :-)


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Wall of water

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I have a new camera so I am practicing with focus, shutter speed and all manner of things that you have to do when you take that step up. Just now I feel like I am grasping it but other times I feel like I am banging my head against a wall. My go to scene when I have to step up, down or change the focus fast is always the sea and it delighted me with a wall (albeit a small one) of curves and patterns. I hope this counts.

When I properly got into photography I bought the only SLR I could afford which was the D3000 and I have just handed that to my daughter in the hope she takes the same journey of learning that I did. I got some great photographs with that camera and it was the body I used to learn how to actually use a camera properly, in manual. (Not always I am not a slave. I use Shutter and Aperture priority a lot depending on the scene.) I feel after four years of knowing every setting on that camera I have now earned an upgrade. The upgrade is a Nikon D7000 and I am already more than a tiny bit in love with it.


Sometimes I feel as if I am talking to a Brick Wall.. WPC

Honestly I just don’t take photographs of walls so I had to go outside of the box again for this challenge with a photograph of my daughter. This is the usual, headphones on, lost in music with messy beach hair. It is no good trying to have a conversation with her because I may as well be talking to a brick wall. I remember being exactly the same at her age but with much larger headphones. :-)

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Weekly photo challenge – What colour is this sunset?

Honestly they are not yellow, they are orange. It’s like that dress malarkey all over again. My son sees them as blue and white and my daughter see them as yellow and white. I am just kidding because this is a tiny bit of a cheat as these are the closest thing to orange that I have shot this week (tonight actually) so I am using them regardless. One thing this challenge has made me realise is that I generally do not take photographs of orange things.

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Rule of Thirds 3 – High Tide

Another two recent shots from this weeks walk about that might fit this theme. In the first shot the sea was quite calm compared to ten minutes later. As you can see in the next one it was a pretty high tide and I did at one point get absolutely drenched. Still, if you are not there you won’t get the shot.



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WPC – Rule of thirds 2


Two entries at once but it just so happens I took both of these photographs on the same day last week. I missed last weeks challenge so thought I would balance that out by entering two into this (one being a bit OCD and the like.)

Not so much OCD  however that I wanted to pull it into Photoshop to straighten it up for perfection. It was an upward shot and I like it just how it is, rules begone.

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WPC – Rule of thirds


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