Weekly Photo Challenge – Motion

Weekly Photo Challenge – Afloat

Weekly Photo Challenge – Blur (2)

Weekly photo challenge – Blur

I was in London recently and although I loved it I have always struggled with crowds. I get hot and disoriented and start to feel a bit panicky. One thing about London is that there is no shortage of people.

I took this in the National History Museum at the top of a set of stairs. As I looked down to the sea of people I was about to become enveloped in that feeling of panic started to set in.

In order to try to capture that feeling I put the camera on a post and slowed the shutter down to introduce some motion blur. Although it isn’t as sharp as I would have liked at the focal point, I think I captured how I felt.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh

We have a saying here in the North if you venture out in the cold, particularly by the sea and that is ‘By ‘Eck, it’s a bit fresh out there.’  Which of course means ‘Goodness me, it is rather chilly’ :-)


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Wall of water

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I have a new camera so I am practicing with focus, shutter speed and all manner of things that you have to do when you take that step up. Just now I feel like I am grasping it but other times I feel like I am banging my head against a wall. My go to scene when I have to step up, down or change the focus fast is always the sea and it delighted me with a wall (albeit a small one) of curves and patterns. I hope this counts.

When I properly got into photography I bought the only SLR I could afford which was the D3000 and I have just handed that to my daughter in the hope she takes the same journey of learning that I did. I got some great photographs with that camera and it was the body I used to learn how to actually use a camera properly, in manual. (Not always I am not a slave. I use Shutter and Aperture priority a lot depending on the scene.) I feel after four years of knowing every setting on that camera I have now earned an upgrade. The upgrade is a Nikon D7000 and I am already more than a tiny bit in love with it.


Sometimes I feel as if I am talking to a Brick Wall.. WPC

Honestly I just don’t take photographs of walls so I had to go outside of the box again for this challenge with a photograph of my daughter. This is the usual, headphones on, lost in music with messy beach hair. It is no good trying to have a conversation with her because I may as well be talking to a brick wall. I remember being exactly the same at her age but with much larger headphones. :-)

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