Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitary

Fallen Star

Take my hand and walk with me, come, walk away the fear

wipe your eyes, hold onto me, and don’t let go my dear.

It seems as though this life will choose to let you down, but still

every passing lesson is a little more uphill.

Imagine every beauty, every detail in the weave,

trust your heart and feel your soul for then you will believe.

So take my hand, come walk with me, try not to let me go,

and do not look behind for there’s a place we need to go.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitary

  1. Wow, simply wow what a spectacular photo. The way you caught that solitary sunspot glimmering on the water seems so much like a “Star” has fallen from heaven. Very beautiful picture and great poem to match. Thanks for sharing! SP

  2. Thank you for your ‘like’. I don’t know where you live, but I can highly recommend a course I did a few months ago which was 4 Saturday mornings and just focused on ‘Understanding your DSLR camera’. There may be similar courses near you. Perfect if you hate manuals and much more inspiring to learn with others. I would jump in if I were you and buy a manual DSLR camera and then not allow yourself to EVER use the automatic controls on it. Automatic is the way of the devil according to my photographic tutor. http://www.oxfordschoolofphotography.co.uk/
    Have a peek at some technical projects I set myself after the course http://tessacase.wordpress.com/2012/04/17/10-technical-projects-week-one/
    And here is my ‘baby’ I bought last year http://tessacase.wordpress.com/2011/04/27/twiddly-knobs-again/

  3. You are welcome, I am thoroughly enjoying the weekly photo challenge from wordpress, it certainly gets me out there clicking away. Last summer holidays I set myself a project of taking a photo every morning and called it ‘Mornings at Seven’. It didn’t necessarily have to be an amazing photo but you learn alot when challenged to take a photo everyday. I can only do that sort of thing for a set period of time… http://tessacase.wordpress.com/2011/07/12/holiday-project/

    • You are so right, I am trying to do something similar as I do think it really helps. It won’t be a 7 in the morning though here with my two stressing me out before school! I might have to have a think and do something similar. I am looking forward to having a proper look at your blog. I had a sneaky peek earlier and the photographs looked amazing.

    • Tessa, I love these and I love them even more because you challenged yourself to take them every day at 7. Brilliant project which I think resulted in really beautiful images. You have me all pondering now! lol

  4. Spectacular. Like the heaven opened and reached out. There are times we needed to be in this moments. To find ourselves. Beautiful words, “Imagine every beauty, every detail in the weave,

    trust your heart and feel your soul for then you will believe.” Thanks.

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