Today things got a little bit holy.

Well today I decided that my one shot (although I cannot lie I took more) was going to be in a church. As I was heading for Fleetwood anyway I popped into a little church on the high street there called St Mary’s and it was beautiful.

I sat at the back quietly for ten minutes or so because there was a lady in prayer and I certainly didn’t want any divine retribution from him upstairs for disturbing their conversation. It was actually quite peaceful and calming just sitting there given I had felt a bit fed up that morning but I was there to nourish my soul in the very best way possible, with my camera.

Once she had finished (and for some reason we both kind of slowly bowed our heads to each other as she left, a bit like bikers do when they pass each other only we clearly had more time to pay that mutual respect) I took some shots.

Basically I just messed about with the manual settings on the camera until I felt the light looked right. There was so many lovely contrasting colours, light and angles in there that I just hoped that I could catch it right. I am not sure if I have but I still quite like it as a totally unedited shot with a compact camera.

Then of course as I very often want my photographs to reflect how I am feeling, I headed into Photoshop with it and basically just messed about with everything until I got the look that felt right which unusually for me was a little down in the dumps and a little demoralised.

I actually prefer this shot. I know that is just because it is connected to me emotionally first and foremost but what I noticed more and really liked in this was the the statue of Mary just glancing towards the window was more of a focal point than the window itself that really captured something for me in this.

This is one of the things I love about editing a photograph and as a beginner I personally advocate it massively. When I get back home It teaches me to stop looking for the obvious focal point and to think outside the box when taking the shot and makes me go back out and try again to get the shot that I actually wanted. It slows me down. This was my first time here and I have learnt from these photographs that next time I go I will slow myself down, a lot.

I will probably do some radical cropping on this as well just to have something a bit different and just because I literally cannot help myself!

So that is my manual settings photo done for today and if nothing else I have learnt loads about where I went wrong and what I could improve so it is a brilliant thing to do. Also if I fancy a little quiet reflection I will know where to go.



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