A lovely surprise by way of a Daisy Award.




This blog is relatively new and I started it because firstly I wanted to challenge myself and secondly I fancied tentatively dipping my toe into the water that is the WordPress community at large.

I have been reading and enjoying blogs on here for over a year but only recently did I decide to join in and not only has it been great fun but it has opened me up to new blogs that are just bursting with talent, creativity, imagination and clever concepts that I may never have stumbled across otherwise.

With that in mind it was more than a lovely surprise to be nominated by the lovely http://leeajackson.wordpress.com/ for a Daisy award nomination for my blog. It is always beyond lovely to even get the odd view or comment on your blog so this has really touched me. More so when it comes from someone who is a superbly talented photographer and writer. If you haven’t done so already I would urge you to pop by and have a look at his blog.

So as per the rules of this award I must:-

– display the award certificate on my blog (need to work out how to do that)
– Announce the win and include a link to whoever presented it
– Present 7 awards to deserving bloggers. Create a link to them and drop a comment to tip them off.
– Post 7 interesting facts about myself.

So, firstly here are 7 bloggers who I enjoy very much who I have nominated for a Daisy award myself.


Here are seven facts about me, this is actually the hardest bit.

1. I get obsessed by things that I enjoy and in trying to master them, a trait which my daughter has inherited.
2. I find anything about science utterly fascinating even though I totally flunked it at school.
3. My favorite shows are currently Modern Family, The Middle, Moon Boy and The Big Bang Theory.
4. Much to my musically talented and lover of ‘real music’ boyfriend’s despair I love watching ‘The X Factor’.
5. I am known on Facebook for ‘getting on my soapbox’ about things that wind me up.
6. I drink an inordinate amount of tea (black no sugar) and I love a glass or two of wine.
7. I get giddy when I get a view, comment or like on my blog and I appreciate it very much.

So thank you very much Lee and thank you so much to anyone who has dropped by this blog since I  started it up.


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