Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy

I found happiness, true happiness last year when I threw caution to the wind and moved  my family to the coast. It has had it’s hard moments but that is life isn’t it? Nobody said it was going to be easy. You deal with the challenges and you find ways to overcome the obstacles  Overall it has changed our lives and my time with my children is happier, more fulfilled, interesting and definitely more rewarding.

For me the biggest change is that I have once again after an absence of many years embraced my creative side. I have been writing more, have decided to try to master my compact camera to attempt to produce images that push the boundaries of what a normal little compact can do. I have slowed down and allowed myself to have hobbies as well as being a mum.

Nothing makes me happier than my children. Following your heart, taking chances and believing in yourself comes a close second and third and fourth.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy

  1. I’m glad you followed your passion for capturing images. They are beautiful. The lego image caught my eye. That is my son’s favorite toy…next to iPhone games lately. Your story is inspiring. I too dreamed of moving close to the ocean…someday. Thanks.

  2. Thank you Island traveler. I do love your images very much too. I love playing lego with my children, we have a ridiculous amount of it, great fun but yes they also love the technical stuff 🙂

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