Water water, everywhere….Photo a day challenge.

This weeks photo challenge was inspired by pouring over photographs of water droplets taken by the amazingly talented Corry White. The intricacy and beauty of her work is just breathtaking.

Now, in order to produce these shots she used a SLR camera, a macro lens, an external shutter release, a timer, a water drop kit and an abundance of talent. I knew very well that I was not going to be able to produce anything remotely like these photographs with my trustee much-loved non SLR compact camera and various kitchen appliances, however I was interested to see what I could produce.

It was very much trial and error. I struggled to get the clarity that I wanted. The first photographs that I took were very noisy and with no actual macro setting on my camera I had to take to google to find out that the best way to replicate any kind of macro setting was to zoom to x2.5 precisely. I continued to struggle with getting the focus right throughout this challenge and I tried single shots and burst settings to see which would produce the best results, burst captured more drops so I largely stuck with that. I set my camera to its highest shutter speed and just hoped for the best.

I took some shots outdoors with good light, and then the last ones indoors in a dark room using a flash.

I didn’t get any elaborate or exciting ‘water drop’ shots per say because I just didn’t have a high enough shutter speed or anything like the right sort of kit to catch the water splash itself doing anything exciting. Even with a tripod given I was taking the pictures pressing the shutter myself with one hand whilst dripping the water into a bowl with my son’s water bottle with the other (which I think produced droplets that were too heavy to do anything but create holes and stringy water effects) I did manage to get some quite surreal and unearthly looking shots. Any droplets or splashes that I did manage all ended up looking like little alien men much to the delight of my kids.

I have a few that I thought just about worthy of showing and a couple of hundred shots of a bowl of water doing nothing but being a bowl of water.

In order to get the different colours in the shots I added some paint, vegetable oil, and balsamic vinegar to one bowl and with the lack of food colouring (and it being a tad to nippy to pop out for some) I added some colour in Photoshop in just one of the shots (I have added both those shots in the gallery). In the other bowl I added a variety of different coloured and textures stones and shells from the beach to produce different colours within the shots, I just added more and moved them about in the bowl to get another ‘look’ or to vary the colour.

So, Corry White I can never be with my compact camera and lack of talent but all in all it was great fun and whilst not producing amazing water drops I think that the shots are quite surreal and arty so even though I didn’t manage to achieve what I really wanted to I am happy enough this week.

(Click on the first picture to view larger image)

Thank you for popping by. I am now considering what next weeks challenge should be. I want to do some bokeh shots but that really is beyond the capabilities of this camera so I am still pondering on how I would manage that one. I am also considering long exposure but that is something that I struggle terrible with. Might try one of each over the weekend and take it from there.

Peace and love to you all.


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