Defined by you

Digital art J P Harley

The years it took to walk away,
clawing back her mind.
fighting blood and scars and hurt
from what she was defined.
A person in there somewhere once
with dreams that were so sure.
Creative heart and soothing soul
defined back then by her.
Deeper deeper thoughts were driven
prisoned and alone.
Stifled by conditions
in place that was called home.
A giant in comparison
wringing her life dry.
Giving up and giving in
as days passed slowly by.
Bruising of internal mind
growing darker every day.
Then waking up and reaching in
before walking away.
Men not noble make their choices
based on their own needs.
Although alone to spread her wings
was not yet to be freed.
Unable to relinquish
any power that he held.
Relishing in ego
and refusing to be felled.
Days go on surviving
all the curve balls that are thrown.
Until the loss of all deemed his
when tiny hearts have grown.


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