Was it comfort or something more?
A desire that takes hold and needs to be sated.
Looking back I needed you too much,
I had needed you too long.
There are no two-way streets, no rewards.
It is all or nothing.
The time has come to walk out of the fog,
to embrace the sunshine and cold winter breath.
A life more balanced and unconstrained.
A mind less clouded by uncertainty.
Less crippled by doubt.
Hearts that are full of desire and passion.
Bodies that will ache for new touches.
A new path to be walked and never ran,
the last chapter to be read and put away.
The last demon to be slayed.


2 thoughts on “Demons.

  1. Beautiful, poignant and exactly right, come into the sunny, warmth and cast your own shadow brave one. Love and respect you so much.

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