Weekly writing challenge – A picture is worth a thousand words

It was Auntie Mary’s wedding day. Mum had been excited and in a good mood for a change fussing around, singing gently to herself whilst getting us all getting us ready. Dad was grumbling about missing his football team playing in the cup final and saying things like “Who would have her anyway?'”and “If she didn’t have a bun in the oven this wouldn’t be going ahead”. I didn’t know what he meant but mum kept scolding him and telling him to “Hush up now in front of the kids” and “You know that is a secret, I wish I’d never told you now!”

We didn’t have a car in those days and we walked the 10 minutes to the church with Dad complaining that the new shoes mum had bought him were pinching his toes and mum making us stop every five minutes to have another photo. I didn’t mind, mum looked so happy and I had never wore anything so beautiful before. I wished that the day would last forever.

I didn’t really understand what was happening at first, just a very long wait. Getting fidgety on the cold wooden pew, picking bits off my new purse in boredom, kicking the bench in front of me and scuffing my new shoes. I remember that anxious look passing over my mum’s face, the look that with no words told me something was wrong.  My beautiful outfit suddenly feeling uncomfortable and restrictive  People whispering and looking around mum saying loudly that Auntie Mary’s car was driving back around the block and it wouldn’t be long now.

Then what seemed like hours later Auntie Mary walking slowly in, head bowed, her make up smudged and almost whispered to the crowded church “I’m so sorry It isn’t going ahead. Nobody know’s where he is”.

The church echoed for moments with shocked gasps before going deathly quiet, nobody quite knowing what to do or say and then my brother Gerard’s voice piercing the silence with “Is it because he doesn’t like your cooking as me Dad said that you keep leaving that bun in the oven?”.

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