Blow away the winter blues

I have always suffered badly with the winter blues. They just take hold don’t they?  You can’t tell them to go away because they just creep inside your body and mind and render you helpless. I have suffered less so far this year and this is because I now live near the sea. The Irish Sea. The sea grounds you, it puts you in your place. The sea I live near is not a calm and soothing sea, well don’t get me wrong it can be. However come Autumn and Winter this sea springs to life and roars at you how mother nature is. Fierce, bigger than you and I could ever be and despite any advances in technology she will always say you can’t beat me,. You will never be able to beat me so don’t even try. This photo is tame yet I could hardly stay on my feet when I took this such was the force of the sea wind yet it is still tame, very tame. This is nothing on mid winter when only the mad will venture out now and again face the bitter cold to see her in all her madness reminding us as ever our place here and putting our feet firmly back on the ground. We only live here, we do not own here and we never will.

4 thoughts on “Blow away the winter blues

    • It was so windy I could barely stay on my feet, it get’s much worse. I am looking forward to trying to get a high tide one in winter and of course if we get all that foam again I will be there like a shot! x

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