Special Photo Challenge – Inspiration

This week we have been given a special photo challenge. To post a photo of us doing something that inspires us to blog.

No, half of my face in a mirror does not inspire me to blog but the first thing that I realised was that my biggest passion which is photography means one thing. I have hardly any photographs of myself doing much of anything, never mind something that inspires me. I am the one behind the camera snapping away and I am sorry, but there is just something inherently horrifying that stops me from pointing the camera at myself, one arm outstretched doing ‘duck face’ in order to address that balance.

Photography isn’t what inspires me to blog though but it is a really nice way to share and view other people’s photographs. In this photograph I am getting ready but I have my iPad on my knee and as usual I am writing so in a way it does show me doing something that inspires me.

Getting thoughts that are rambling around my head down, that is what inspires me to blog. I like that in some way it is faceless. As I don’t know most of the people who are reading what I write on a personal level I find myself less conscious of what I write. I have a tendency in both my blogs to write from the heart so it is liberating for me to have a platform to do that from.

I love writing but I find it hard sometimes to think of anything tangible to say so I like that WordPress give us these little challenges to prompt us. That helps me come back day after day to read what other people have been doing and get a little inspiration along the way.

I have been given a couple of awards since I started this new blog. The more recent one I will be doing a blog post about this week. That is massive for me. That anyone can read or view something that I have done and actually enjoy it  is a huge deal, as is a ‘like’ or a comment, so that also plays a big part in what keeps me coming back.

So, thank you for anyone who passes by my blog, you inspire me. Thank you to WordPress for these little challenges, they inspire me and thank you other bloggers for being so creative and clever, witty and talented, you inspire me.

Peace and Love my friends.


6 thoughts on “Special Photo Challenge – Inspiration

    • Thank you, that is really kind. You really don’t need a better camera though.It is more about knowing how it works and the right lighting at this point in my learning. I only have a compact camera at the moment although I am chomping at the bit for a DLSR and fancy lenses now… Ooooo maybe one day! 🙂

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