Red will warm my heart

I suffer a little bit with SAD at this time of the year. I can lose my motivation and if I am not careful I can lose interest in things I love to do such as write and take photographs. To combat this I have been trying to give myself  ‘themes’ to inspire me to get out with my camera.  One of those themes is painting with light, when I get even one half decent shot of that I will post it but today we wanted to go out so we had to think of something else.

My son suggested that I did ‘red’ as it is almost Christmas and in his 7-year-old words ‘There is well loads of red stuff about’ (You can take the boy out of Manchester and all that…) So, red it was. We wrapped up warm as it was a cold but sunny day and had a big wander around. He was in charge of pointing out things to photograph and I think he did a pretty good job of it. So, we are now thinking of what next weeks challenge should be. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Click on the first image to bring the gallery up for a better view.

4 thoughts on “Red will warm my heart

  1. What? No United Crest thrown in for good measure? 😉 Fantastic photos, as always. Next week’s challenge: ying yang moments captured in film – opposites working together to a better harmony however/wherever you want find it. How’s that sound?

  2. Very nice series of picture!! :-). It’s xmas, I suggest pictures of people gather around the decorated trees. Lots of smiles, light, and decoration. Cheers!

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