Very inspiring blogger award

Wow. Thank you so much I am so honored to be given an award by (who has a very lovely blog herself). On this blog and my other Merleytwister blog which I must update soon!

very-inspiring-blogger-awardIt is always special when people even read your blog, let alone offer it an award. It is a very personal thing within the blogging community and amongst other things it helps to make people aware of other blogs that are out there that deserve to be read and shared.

I started this blog to help with my photography journey.  I never thought in a million years that anybody, let alone the amount of people who do ‘like’ some of my posts would do so. I honestly did not expect anyone to even read it so to be given a second award is amazing. (I still do not know how to display them on my side wall, Meh!).

I would like to say thank you to Beadstork (who does make beautiful handmade jewelery as well as lovely from the heart writing and lovely photography! Some people are just too talented!)

So in keeping with accepting this award I need to do the following: –

1. Display the award. Well I have done that in here but if anybody knows how to pop it on my sidewall I would be eternally grateful

2. Link back to the person who nominated me (done that above)

3. State 7 things about myself (below)

4. Nominate 15 worthy bloggers this award and notify them on their ‘about page’ . I will do that at the end.

So…Me… This is not too difficult as I am an open book!

1. I suffer from Sleep paralysis and Lucid dreaming and a lot of my more ‘abstract’ photography and some of my poetry (if you can call it that, I call it lyrical musing) is based on that.
2. I have always had a creative streak in me that lay dormant for a long time. It took removing myself from a relationship that put me emotionally and mentally in a bad place. Which in turn caused me speak before I thought and lose friendships that had been amazing but that sadly ended up doing none of us any good. A move to the coast then allowed me to be enough at peace with myself to embrace my creative side and become the person that I used to be.
3. I have another blog where I generally rant about things that drive me mad or reflect on my life in general. I like to think that parts of it are quite amusing but other commitments mean that I do not blog enough in that one at the moment.
4. I am just embarking on a self-employed career and am terrified but determined.
5. My favorite foods are cheese and steak. If I only had to eat those two for the rest of my life I would be quite happy.
6. My boyfriend is a great cook, plays guitar, sings and is a brilliant writer of stories and poems. He doesn’t value his own talent even nearly enough but I am working on that.
7. In the last two years I have learnt more about myself and others than I have in all the years I have been alive. (Nah, I am not telling you how many that is!). These two years have been the most important of my life in terms of finding myself and being at peace with myself. Life beings in your 40’s eh (Damn! I said I wasn’t going to tell… add just a few years to that!)

Worthy Blogs that I am nominating for an award are (drumroll please)

Cheryl Andrews – Writer, Poet, Photographer extraordinaire.

thematticuskingdom – Fabulous writer and his NaNoWriMo which had me on the edge of my seat and sat refreshing my browser for the next installment.

canoecommunications – Amazing photography and beautiful words

thisblogneedsatitle – Simple, short and usually highly amusing bite sized snippets of well placed words, well worth a follow. – Amazing and beautiful photography and words. – Interviews with amazingly creative people, writer of poetry and stories and an all round lovely man to boot.  – A lovely family journey with beautiful photography.  – Just quite simply beautiful inspiring photography, I can get lost in this mans blog for the longest time just taking in the visual delights. – Superb photography. You are sensing a theme here aren’t you with me and the amazing photography blogs I follow? – More visual delights to feast your eyes upon. Brilliant writer who is more than well worth a read – Short stories and poetry that will warm your heart, make you think or scare you just a teeny bit. Sharing her hiking journey and the preparation for it. This lady writes so well I feel like I am by her side! Travel blog with a host of beautiful images to back it up. – Lovely images and a fellow Manc

Well, there you have it. All done and dusted. These awards are hard work but very lovely!

Peace and love my friends.


2 thoughts on “Very inspiring blogger award

  1. Congratulations! And thanks for the nomination. To display the award in your side bar: go to your dashboard, Select Appearance (on the left), Select Widgets, drag and drop the Image button from the left side list into whichever section you want it to appear in on the right (I think mine went into the Secondary area), and then fill in the rest of the information. Since you already have the picture displayed in this post, you can right click it and copy the hyperlink data and paste that into the URL section, add a title, and voila! you are displaying your well deserved award!

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