Flash Fiction Friday – Acceptance.


In essence everything still looks the same. The sky is still the sky in all it’s ever-changing glory. Grass, tree’s, flowers all shed their colour and die away in autumn and then spring back to life showering breathtaking colour and sensual aromas around it in spring. Beauty still exists everywhere you look. They haven’t taken nature away I guess that was a force a bit too big to be reckoned with. Maybe that was never their intention.

There is still weather in all it’s force. If anything, seasons are more like the seasons my mum remembered when she was a kid . ‘Real seasons’.  She called them. Summer is hot, Spring is wet, Autumn is sunny yet still cold and Winter is cold and snowy.

There are still houses, furniture, routines. The smell of cooking still drifts from open windows into the path of passers-by reminding them to hurry up and get home for tea. There is still laughter tinkling on the wind from children playing on bikes, in parks and the streets. There is a lot more laughter from children compared to when I was growing up. People still have jobs. I don’t know anyone without a job now I think about it. Children still go to school. School is different now of course, no religion, no  history.

I think that books about religion and history must probably still exist somewhere but I haven’t seen one since I was 9 or 10 years old and my children wouldn’t even know what those words meant. They wouldn’t know what the word war meant because that doesn’t exist anymore either.

I imagine that there probably are still natural disasters around the world. Surely they couldn’t have just stopped happening,? We don’t hear about those and where we live the odd flood happens in surrounding areas, you hear about that from a friend who had been granted permission to visit someone out of their area who had seen it. It is all word of mouth these days.

I look at my daughter and son on the floor in the lounge. Lay out flat on their bellies on the carpet their heads almost touching, drawing. Felt tip pens strewn around them. Chatting and giggling about simple things. They are so good at drawing.

I was only nine years old, my daughter’s age now when it started to happen, bit by bit. I didn’t really understand much at that age just that the world had formed one superpower, one massive government was how it was described to me. Men and women in equal quantities from each country came together and overthrew the various powers that be. They were in charge now. They were in charge of everything. The world was now one.  There was a lot of fighting at first, I remembered that but it didn’t last long, a few years and then everything as I knew it changed.

The first thing that they banished was religion. I remember my mum who was not a religious person anyway saying that would never work in a million years. “The world will end before that happens”. She would say. She would be on the internet on a thing I vaguely remember called ‘Facebook’  banging on about it with her friends. It did work though, they made sure of that. The next thing to go was the internet so she couldn’t bang on about it with those friends anymore. She was forced to actually bang on about it to real people and even she soon got fed up of doing that.  She said that speaking her opinions rather than writing them and pressing the enter key was just too exhausting and that there must be something in the water making us all ‘passive’.

That part of it affected me and my brother badly at the time. No internet. We were distraught, inconsolable. I remember feeling something akin to grief. We had no idea what to do with ourselves and so we made do with video games and the tv. That is until they went too. We cried and talked about the internet, the tv and the loss of our electronic addictive necessities with our friends for years to come.

News was not required anymore because it was deemed unnecessary. Books were written in the present and not the past. Nobody ever really knew what happened to people who showed psychopathic tendencies to any extreme but they ceased to exist and bad things just seemed to stop happening.

Most transport was the next thing to go. The only transport that was allowed was necessary journeys by train. Only World Aid was allowed the use of skies as and when they wanted now. By this time I was about 12 and I just accepted it like I accepted everything else that was taken away. It didn’t affect me that much because my mum didn’t have a car anyway. She said that she thought it was worth it because people were no longer dying around the world and we had to start to do things to protect the actual planet itself now that we had sorted the bad things and bad people out in the world.

They do allow us to have two holidays a year to anywhere. It doesn’t cost anything. That travel is free. My kids appreciate that so much. I don’t tell them that when I was a kid if we could have afforded it we could go anywhere we wanted when ever we wanted. There is no point because in those days we couldn’t afford it anyway so that policy was always more of a gain for us.

I have tried to explain how things were when I was their age to my kids. They just laugh at me. You try explaining the internet and video games to someone who has no idea what they are. The thought of being sat inside playing on something that moves about on a screen is not a concept that I can make them understand was actually enjoyable. They think I am mad. ‘Seriously Mum, you sat and stared at something and pressed buttons? You sat and looked at a box that showed stuff happening that you could go outside and see with your own eyes… Yea Mum, that sounds ACE… Not‘.

No, the children now they have no concept of how things were in 2012. They just accept things as they are now. They play, communicate verbally, draw, read, write. They are always outdoors, there are no bogie men these days. They don’t have anything to worry about really anymore. I know I am a puppet to this regime. We all are. People tried to resist initially but that soon ended. We do what we are told and we give up what we are told to give up without question. It is funny how I don’t mind that so much anymore.

8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday – Acceptance.

    • I kind of wanted to go into the future but take it back to the past. It was meant to be exactly that David, desirable yet scary that we get to the point of just accepting changes without challenging them. In light of what has happened today though I am not sure the world I paint here is that scary to me anymore.

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