What gift would you bestow upon the one you love, if you could?
Your heart? Bow wrapped, ripped from your body. Still beating. Raw with blood.
Presented to them, arms outstretched
before you fall to the floor and cease to exist for them?

A snowflake in its intricate beauty that can never survive without the cold?
For the second that they hold it in their warmth it is gone.
Yet the droplet of water that it leaves behind will keep them alive.
For you.

A flower in all it’s glory, blooming, blossoming forth all it has for you.
Yet to become delicate, fragile and broken as it ebbs towards the changing seasons.

What gift could I give you? Simple things.
Belief in everything you do.
Acceptance of everything you are.
Trust in everything you say.

The gift I would give to the person that I love is them.
The very thing that I love.
Just them. Unchanged.


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