Daily Prompt – Just a dream.

Daily Prompt – You’re having a nightmare, and have to choose between three doors. Pick one, and tell us about what you find on the other side. (I missed this prompt but thought I would do it anyway)


I am trapped in my mind, unable to move. Awake in my bed yet I am paralyzed. I try, try to force my limbs to move but it is a fruitless exercise. I try to make a noise but am aware that to anybody else it will be gargled and barely audible. A force sits heavily on my chest breathing evil onto my face, preparing to cloak my mouth with its own and suck my soul from my body. A buzzing noise shrieks continually around my ears. I cannot breathe, cannot move and I feel acute fear because if I do not get out of this situation the next phase is going to be even worse.

I will be dragged from my bed and thrown across the room and it will hurt. There will be even greater physical pain coming. I know this because the force is gripping my waist now. Squeezing hard making it smaller and smaller. It hurts and I am struggling to breathe. My mind is racing, trying not to panic any more than it is now. Trying to force my eyes open. A finger, if I can just move a finger I can start to wake up before it hurts me anymore. It is impossible.

Calming my mind is the only way now. Ignore the pain, challenge the devil. “You are just a dream. You cannot really hurt me, you are not real.” The pain as always is immediately worse. Calm my mind. Calm my mind, focus, focus, ignore the pain. Breathe. At first they are just a blur but I see them a little better now in my mind. Three doors. Bingo. I am almost there. Ignore the pain, choose a door. My mind focuses through the pain on the doors and I stop trying to fight my way out of my sleep. I see them with clarity now. They are wooden, set in a lake surrounded by trees this time, mono, almost hidden. The setting is always different but doors are always all exactly the same, that does not matter. Just chose one. Any. I focus more and with a sudden kaleidoscope of colour my mind zooms in on the middle door. The other doors fade away and I see only the middle door, set on the water surrounded by trees, almost hidden. I pass through it. The pain has gone.

I get up out of bed and look around the room for a sign that will tell me if I am awake or still asleep. Did I wake up and get out of bed or did I pass through the middle door? Usually it can be something in the room that is simply at the wrong angle that is enough to tell my mind if it is still asleep. Tonight nothing seems out-of-place so I will have to resort to plan b. Plan b is a simple technique that I use, I jump. That’s it, that simple. I just jump. I know my mind is still dreaming now because I float down from the jump very slowly. That is my trigger. I am not awake, I have passed through the middle door. I am in my lucid dream now.

Gently descending towards the bedroom carpet I hold my hands above my head and sink through it into the room below. I hover in the room for a moment and then head for the closed window and fly though it. This is the beauty of lucid dreams, I can pass through anything and I can fly.

Looking around me, still floating I see that it is night and I am on a street outside a house I lived in long ago. looking up to the sky I begin to ascend, higher and higher until I am above the houses. Looking down I can see the road now. The houses are dark, the street lights are on and a few people distant and small are mulling about, returning from where ever they have been.  I start to fly, weightless. I know where I am going yet there is no understanding of why I am going there. It is where I usually go first depending on how long it lasts. flying through the sky as the dark becomes light, the feeling is indescribable. Colours are brighter and more vivid than in real life, over saturated. I see the grass below me and descend.

My feet touch the soft damp grass. I lie down close my eyes and wait.

It doesn’t take long. Suddenly my senses are heightened and I feel the hairs on my body stand on end. There is not a place on my body where I am not touched as if a thousand hands are gently caressing me and a thousand lips are softly kissing me. I am in a different nightmare now. From the earlier pain now there is bliss so intense it is almost unbearable and I know I must offer myself up to it. Soft breath painting life quietly onto my body until I feel a sob choke my throat and my tears being to fall. Touching, kissing, caressing me I am at one with these invisible entities. I have nothing left to call my own. It will not end, cannot end until my body explodes with all-consuming pleasure more acute than is humanly possible and then I am free. I am awake at last. My nightmare is over.

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Just a dream.

      • Yep, the daily prompts are good exercises for getting into the habit of writing, and thinking about different ways to write and different things to write about. I’m thinking you should be a bit more confident, you’ve got some obvious talent for capturing stories in word and photography.

      • I wouldn’t go that far lol. Doing one called the car park, I’ll post it later. Thanks for the inspiration, I think reading yours and Simon’s stuff lately have given me the urge for short stories which I love to write but not done any for a while now because of my novel I’ve been messing about with.

  1. I have to add that apart from the doors that I added in because of the theme of the prompt this is a real nightmare from beginning to end. I don’t use doors to pull me out of it (although I might try that now) I usually try to clear my mind totally. I have a sleep condition called Sleep Paralysis that is quite awful but it also can lead to stunning visual and physical lucid dreaming. The upside I guess to it.

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