1st of January 2013

DSC_0072 72

Well, a new year begins but what of the old one? Well for me it has been a good year. A whole year without superficial people in my life has restored my faith and I have learnt that you have to take the things that happen in your life and use them to make your future better.

Leaving people behind who you thought were important and turned out to be anything but has taught me to value the real friendships that I have that I really did not realise were quite so special and unique. It turns out that I have amazing, creative, strong, beautiful and inspirational people in my life who will be in my life forever.

So what for 2013? Well I don’t do resolutions as such because I never keep them but I do like to set myself little challenges for the year ahead. Firstly and most importantly I will carry on doing what I did in 2012 which is simply accepting myself for who I am and continue being honest, upfront and kind to those I love.

When I was thinking about what should I try to achieve or do in 2013 I first thought that I should social network less. Then I realised that actually I should probably do it more. I have real life strong friendships that have spanned over 10 years through social networking and this year I made many new friends who I have a huge amount in common with from broadening where I network. So no. That stays.

I do have a few things that I need to achieve this year. The biggest one is to master my new camera. Tame the beast. That is actually how it feels. I adore my compact camera and after a year or so I started to feel like I was slightly bigger than it and I could make it do what I wanted it to and then I couldn’t because I wanted it to do things that it wasn’t able to. Now I have this thing that is much bigger than me. It is clever, complex and sophisticated and we need to learn to become friends. This will take some time and I know that I will make many mistakes on that journey but I plan on sharing those and the odd good shot. This year is about learning.

The above shot is one of the first that I have taken with my beast. It was taken on new years eve. The reason that I shot this was simply the different textures were just so lovely. The photograph itself is not technically brilliant, it was a long exposure as the late afternoon was drawing in and actually the colouring in the photograph is very much of a sameness. I am shooting in raw now and have to learn about how to process them properly yet. However, it was the feeling that it gave me. The sky was reflecting in the wet sand, the sea was calm and slowly ebbing its way back in. The clouds were dark yet not threatening and three birds sat by the edge of the water. Three little birds. I was there with the two most important people in my life, my children, the three of us all with our cameras. It was a calm scene that made me feel peaceful and that is what 2012 has been for me. Peaceful.

So my 2013 challenges (I prefer to call them that rather than resolutions) are that I am going to tame my beast. I have put myself down for the 26by26 challenge which starts in March. I am really looking forward to participating in it and I will be blogging about that. Lastly I will continue to rise to the writing and photograph challenges set by WordPress. I am going to write more this year. I am also going to put one evening a week aside to do nothing but properly catch up with all the amazing blogs that I follow.

View the 26by26 challenge here, why not join in?

‘A fortnightly photo challenge is set by twenty-six accomplished photographers throughout the course of a year. Every two weeks the 26 by 26 members interpret the photographer’s challenge in whichever way they feel appropriate and submit a photo’

Lastly and most importantly is to continue to nurture my children in all their endeavors. Love more than I have ever loved before and value the amazing people who I am lucky enough to have in my life.

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