Goodbye book.

My Book

(F/4.8. 1/60sec. ISO160. 32mm. Shot indoors with flash. Raw processed in Photoshop6. ‘Practicing depth of field’)

This is my little notebook. I have used it over the last two years while learning to master the Sony Cybershot. It is full now and as I have a new camera I think that today I need to go out and buy a new book and a new pen. (I love buying pens.)

I have always found it easier to retain information if I write it down. If I am writing poetry it has to be written by hand first. My mind seems to work better that way for some reason.

I take this notebook to bed with me also. That way if I dream about a really great shot (seriously that does happen) or if I have a lucid dream or a nightmare I can quickly record it in my book and then set about trying to find out how I can recreate that shot in some of the more arty edits that I do.

This book contains information about aperture and shutter speeds, the zooms ‘sweet spot’ for macro’s amongst a million other things. All things that had just started to come more naturally to me until now. Now I have to start again because this camera is doing anything but coming naturally to me.

So a new book and if I take a shot that I think looks ok I will do what I have always done. Get my book, name and describe the photograph. Explain why I like it, record the lighting conditions and all the settings. That way if I want to do a similar shot I can pick it up, read it and eventually that scene and those settings and the reason for them will become ingrained in my mind and will start to come naturally to me again. Well. One can hope.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye book.

  1. My husband bought me a new macro lens but I had to promise I would learn alll the inner workings of manual operation of my camera. So here I sit with a lapful of Nikon videos.

    • I kind of ‘know it’ but for some reason applying what I know to this camera is still really hard! The notebook will serve me well again I think 🙂 Although, knowing the lens I think just as important x

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