Some snaps from today

I was out and about with the beast today so I took a few snaps. (The beast is my new Nikon D3000 for anyone just dipping into this blog. My new camera and owner of me.)

This is one of my favorite shops in town. When I say town, it isn’t really ‘town’ because that would be Blackpool. So I guess it’s a bit like a friend of your mum’s that you call Auntie but isn’t your real Auntie. This place is what I call town but isn’t really town. Anyhow, I digress. This shop is on the high street (or ‘town’ as I call it) where I live in Cleveleys. It is just so glittery and full of beautiful items. Inside is even better and when the kiddies go back to school I am going to very politely ask them permission to take some photographs inside the shop. I must admit I have taken some in here before but because I was using the compact it was much easier to take lots of sneaky piccies. I will no longer be inconspicuous with the beast so time to do things properly.

DSC_0103 72

This one is inside another of my most favorite shops in Auntie Town (as I have now decided to call it.) It is small privately owned gallery/florist. The lady who owns this shop knows me now and is more than used to me popping in to have a chat and snap shots of all her lovely items. (At some point I think it might only be polite to actually buy something.) She is going to display some of my pictures when I get around to having them printed off. I wanted to wait until I had a better quality camera so that the prints would (hopefully) look better as larger images. I think I will give her this one. This flower was in a beautiful bouquet that she was just putting together as I was there chatting to her.

DSC_0109 72

This is in the same shop. I love this place so much. The owner reminds me a little bit of one of my very best friends Jo who since I moved I miss desperately. She is always busy, busy. She is quaint and intelligent. In a way she can seem a bit scatty but in the furthest way from scatty you could actually get. Her shop at first appears to be organised chaos but when you look again it really isn’t. It is well thought out and the work of a beautifully creative mind. You can tell that she is a total hippy at heart. I go in here when ever I am at the end of  Auntie town where her shop is. In a silly way I think that I want to become her friend and I have decided that  if I go in enough she will eventually learn to love me.

DSC_0111 72

Finally following on from my last blog post. This is my new notebook and pen. This is the tool I will use in mastering the beast. Yes, I am enjoying a very nice glass of wine as I write this blog post. It is the jolly hollies after all.

DSC_0121 72


9 thoughts on “Some snaps from today

  1. Hooray! So glad you have finally bought a DSLR camera. Your photography is great and I think with ‘The Beast’ you will go from strength to strength. I am looking foward to doing my photography this year and maybe another mini course to help me develop.

  2. Am liking the shop Lovely…is it a me shop? 😉 I know you know loads of Jo’s but this Jo misses you desperately too and loves reading your blog to catch up with your news and views, think The Beast should have it’s own Twitter account too!

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