Photo a day challenge 9/365. Ghosts on the mist.


You are a ghost in the mist, wrapping your vaporous fingers around my heart. Caressing me with innervation of need even when we are apart. 


Man on the path Lady in the branch

Is it just me who can see a lady’s face in the branches of the above tree?

Berries In the middle Tree in the mist

Photographs from my walk in the woods today and a very small verse I penned to go with them. I may add to the verse at a later point. It was a very eerie and at times surreal wander around the woods in the fog but it was just beautiful. There was a point where it was quite dark and extremely quiet and as I rounded a corner a lady rounded the same corner coming in the opposite direction and I must admit we both let out a bit of a scream!

30 thoughts on “Photo a day challenge 9/365. Ghosts on the mist.

  1. The photos are gorgeous and I love the verse. This weather always brings to my mind something completely different though… Zombie apocalypse weather!

    • I had the camera on aperture priority and I just adjusted the shutter speed depending on how they came out, so I took a few different versions of what I shoot with different settings so I could get a good variety and chose the ones I liked most. Unless I am photographing anything that is moving quickly I tend to leave it on aperture priority at the moment until I get a little more used to it x

  2. Thanks – I must go and ‘play in the mist’ with my camera. There is a private road near me that is very eerie in the mist and I would love to capture some of its atmosphere. Have you set yourself a challenge of a photo a day? It looked like it from the titles.

    • Yes you must Tessa, I would love to see them. It is really great fun taking photo’s in the mist. I am up to date with the 365 challenge, haven’t missed a day so far, I am quite proud of myself ha x

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