12/365 – Man in the audience. (Weekly Photo Challenge – Illumination)

Man in the audience

Weekly Photo Challenge – Illumination

He took his seat in the usual place,
hidden by the shadows of the lights from the stage.
blowing cigarette smoke in her direction,
every exhale fueling the depths of his rage.
For a time she was at his beck and call,
her mind unable to think or equate.
The depth that she had was hidden away,
a creative who could no longer relate.
Freed from him she finds her step,
she takes her place back on her stage.
With no control he can only watch,
blowing the smoke that is fueled by his rage.

Dancer(Photograph information – ISO 100, manual focus, shutter speed 30″, F8. First image used a small white and red spot light to paint the subject,  light towards the camera. Second image one small white spot light to paint pointed away from the camera directly onto the subject.)

Words and photographs inspired by this blog http://deliberatedonkey.wordpress.com/ a beautiful, touching and heartfelt read by a woman who is fighting a battle (which I identify with on so many levels) and sharing her experience to help herself and more importantly others who are or who have been in the same situation.

19 thoughts on “12/365 – Man in the audience. (Weekly Photo Challenge – Illumination)

  1. Reblogged this on Deliberate Donkey and commented:
    Jo is a writer, a photographer, and a survivor.
    I love how the image in the first photograph is distorted and clears to crisp in the second after the woman has regained her place on her stage. I love how the man is left in the audience, left in the crowd of many while the woman gets to hold the stage to herself. I love this post. I’m touched by the dedication. I do write to help myself through all of this, but I am aware I have an audience (I did choose to have a public blog), and I am grateful, oh! so grateful to be a part of this community of genuine and kind writers, photographers, and survivors. Go check her blogs out; you won’t be sorry. http://merleytwister.wordpress.com & https://winedrinkingmummy.wordpress.com/

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