19/365 – Painting with light

Light painting

Manual Focus. F10, ISO 100. Shutter Bulb 82 seconds.

I wanted to have a little play with this photo so I decided to try some light painting. I couldn’t quite get the pattern all the way around the entire photograph, it would have been really cool if I had but I guess that this is where practice comes into it. I set the camera up on a tripod and pointed it towards the ceiling. Using a piece of wool I suspended a small torch from the ceiling. I set the settings on the camera and used manual focus to try and get the sharpest results. Then I set the torch swinging, turned off the light and used a remote shutter release to take the shot. I had to swing the torch by hand because otherwise it was just producing round patterns and I also moved the string upwards to get some depth into the pattern.  Quite good fun and something I will probably get the kids involved in.

I think that for today’s photograph I might try something using fast shutter but with the absence of an external flash I don’t really expect amazing results. Still it is all good practice and is really helping me to get a grip with the manual settings. It is also making me long for additional equipment already. I bought a remote shutter recently which is a great way to get sharp shots if using a tripod. Next on my list is additional flashes and a zoom lens. The lens will have to wait, they do not come cheap!


5 thoughts on “19/365 – Painting with light

  1. This is great! Reminds me of an art toy my brother had in the 70’s called Spirograph, where you could make spiral patterns with coloured pens with a set of plastic wheels on drawing paper – he was always far better than I was, mine used to terribly wrong sometimes! In fact I think they still sell Spirograph! This looks like a neon version of it! 😀

    • A Spirograph pattern was what I was aiming for but I just couldn’t quite get it all the way around. I think I needed to add some kind of fin to the string to stop it from just going in a circle but I really couldn’t figure it out. Something I will have to search up on the internet to find out more. 🙂

  2. Hmmm Suzi you have got me thinking now. My daughter has a Spirograph set and I am wondering if I put the camera under glass and used a light pen to draw through the Spirograph would it work…. One to try at some point I reckon!

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