One photo per day challenge – Oink.


Part of my day I set aside to take practice shots. At the moment I am working on depth of field. I don’t try to produce anything special or worry too much about composition with these shots it is more about trying to master the camera. I quite like this one because I got exactly what I wanted which was a nice blurry background that produced a bokeh effect whilst keeping the subject really sharp.

I also realised what an awful lot of work I have to do in the garden once the weather improves. *Sigh*


6 thoughts on “One photo per day challenge – Oink.

  1. I saw the picture before I read your description, and my very first thought was, “wow, that’s awesome depth of field.” I love photography. I’m really enjoying your series.

  2. Very cute … I have a cast iron piggy with wings. He sits on the counter and I let his wings balance the cookbook! I’ll have to try photographing him one day.

    • I look forward to seeing that Cheryl, I do love your photographs. He is getting very rusty but I kind of like that makes him more interesting. There are two mini scarecrows behind him, at the moment due to the weather they are just about holding their own in the battle of the grass! I might try and get a shot of them at some point too.

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