One photo a day challenge – Water capture… phone phot

Drip, drip, dripYea, I am not talking about the fast shutter variety either. I am talking about the running around finding jugs and buckets variety. This is two jug water capture.  Recently it snowed a bit. It doesn’t snow that much here and being so close to the coast it doesn’t stick. Usually it tries to snow then gets all confused and just pees it down with big ice rock things that rip the very skin off your face and the tiles from your roof. It does that really hard, for a really long time. Much was the case today. I am not complaining, extreme weather is what you live with and put up with living near the sea. You don’t complain about that because you would be complaining about the fact that mostly it is bloody amazing.

My little house decided it could no longer cope and suddenly sprung four leaks. This multiple one here in the lounge, clearly the window is … well, knackered quite frankly.  It’s brothers and sisters are in the outhouse, my dining room and my bedroom.

Cue buckets, jugs and anything else until I can get them sorted and then I think a re-papering job. So you will forgive me for not doing anything too exciting today photo of the day wise. 😉



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