Lessons. (Plus others) Photo Challenge – Love.

DSC_0117 named

I adore low-key black and white which is why a lot of my B&W lean that way. I maybe overdo it a bit but I can’t help it. I am still learning but if I am being totally honest if I like it, I can’t really see past that.

I also adore my muse. My daughter, a hell of a lot more.

From a very personal point of view I love this shot. This was a lucky one where she looked up to speak to me while I was photographing her, If I am doing a shoot with her she knows now that I just want her to not look at me or pose. Just be natural and carry on with exactly what she was doing when I turfed up and shoved the camera in her face. A friend of mine said it reminded her of an NSPCC photograph. I know what she means, it could be with that look on her face but honestly this is just exactly her for me. As usual she is about to ask me a question. The millionth of the day because that is what she does, ask, learn, challenge, disagree, ask some more. She only wants to know what my answer is. She isn’t going to give me any credence for my answer, she is going to do it her way anyway. She always was even before she asked. I love that in her. It isn’t that she is challenging me personally she just wanted to know how others view it before she goes right ahead and does it her way anyway.

For me in her eyes I can see that question forming. The very word in her eyes at that captured moment is the word that she says before each and every question that she ever asks me and that word is ‘Muuuum….’. (with many ‘um’s).

The real question that daughters ask is this. “Muuuuum.  I have a question and what ever your answer is, I am going to go the other way to your answer but can I ask this question I that I will not accept any answer you give me anyway?”

I have tried trick answers, going the way she thought I might not go. Trust me, it doesn’t work. I have learnt not to  directly answer. I now ask what she thinks instead, it is the only way. This is not avoiding conflict or giving in. It is allowing her own though processes to come to the best conclusions. I choose to work with her and avoid all the crappiness that goes with trying to mold her into what society says she ‘should be’. You know what, she is amazing just the way she is.

Obviously if her question was “Should I kill the cat?” I would not be writing this blog. We would be in joint therapy right now. I am simply talking about challenges and arguments that honesty really do not matter in the bigger scheme of things. Sometimes how they view things might actually be a lot healthier than we view them when you take a step back.  

The next photographs are ones I took of her while she was taking pictures for an online photography club that she is part of. I love her personality that she wants to be the best at what ever she is doing. That she reads avidly on the subject and questions everything. She knows more about aperture than I do.

Here are a couple of shots of her shooting ‘Scissors Still Life’ project.

We are learning together. I have talked to her about rules of thirds, composition, all the standard stuff and she get’s it. I tell her only so that she knows it. With her youth she delights in breaking the rules and loves that she has broken them. So do I. I love her individuality, her creativeness.  A lot of her shots are blown out, crazy mad. Just fun photographs that really make me smile and think wow that really does looks ace! She see’s things from a totally different perspective at her age and she teaches me an awful lot. She makes me want to break the rules. I think this lady will give me a massive run for my money. I can see many an outing for many years to come with our cameras. This is ‘me and my daughter’ time. That is one of the things of many that I love. Never be too proud to learn from your children.
DSC_0100 SM

DSC_0120 SM


12 thoughts on “Lessons. (Plus others) Photo Challenge – Love.

  1. This beautiful! 🙂 She has very lovely eyes! And the black and white is just brilliant, and makes this a very striking picture. I think it’s wonderful that you can share some of the same interests, and go around snapping away to your hearts content. Reminds me of me and my mum, we were the best of friends, and that’s how it should be. And breaking rules is always a good thing, many a great discovery has been found because someone dared to think differently – so keep breaking them all! 😀

    • I love that she loves photography. As well as us having a lovely common interest where we can really spend so much time together enjoying things that are not the daily life of ‘get dressed, get your shoes on, where is your bag, did you do your homework, don;t hit your brother’ She really makes me see things differently. It is almost effortless for her and I just absolutely adore that. She is going to be bloody brilliant, not through any pushing from me because let me tell you, this is one lady who knows her own mind xx

  2. I love the contrast on your photo, it’s definitely not too dark, as it makes her face stand out more.

    It’s great you’re having this type of conversations with your daughter, it exercises her brain in ways she wouldn’t be able to in school, I bet. My kids are a lot younger but they come up with the wildest possibilities. Great creative minds!

    • Thank you. Yes, that is true. I love her creativity she doesn’t hold back like I do at my age, endless possibilities for her to learn. I have only just started to experiment with portraits and I must say that I really enjoyed it. x

  3. First of all I love the picture. I like the shadows and the composition. I do not think it is too dark. I think it’s perfect. But remember I am no expert (but I do have a good eye). I told you I would reblog my B&w post. I haven’t got to that but here is a sample of my collection. I think you will see that when I say I love black and white’s I wasn’t kidding. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.412431935462562.88890.375308049174951&type=3

    Beyond that I love this post. The way you describe your daughter and your interaction is the way we all would do it if we knew how to do it right. I remember my own daughter at that age and how she followed me around. You only get a certain window of time. It’s wonderful to see you making the most of it. She’s a very lucky girl.

    • Thank you 🙂 Once they are in bed tonight I will go and have a look at your BW shots with nice cuppa. I am sure I will end up stalking you with comments lol

  4. How cool to have a passion in common and learning about it together. Photography is one art form that never stops surprising us … just think … a lifetime of discovery for you and your daughter!

    • Thanks Cheryl, it is lovely,she spurs me on to do more as well which is great. I can see that I will end up handing all my stuff down to her lol

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  6. What a great Muuuuum you are 🙂 Children learn to find their way through the soft guidance of a caring parent, and your story shows you do that. The image of her is gorgeous and does indeed speak louder than any word ever could. Thanks for stopping by again and liking my recent posts ‘Mornign Light’ and ‘The Magnificence that is Trees’ 🙂

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