Up High (and others.) Tilt and shift.

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My son was at a party on Saturday so I decided that my daughter and I would head into town and have a bit of girlie time.

While we were there we decided to have a look around Blackpool tower. I haven’t been inside for years and I have to say it is well worth a visit. The 10 minute film in the 4D cinema is brilliant and the views from the top of the tower are just awesome.

I have been looking at a lot of ’tilt and shift’ images online recently as I really like the effect of making something look like it is a toy/model but I hadn’t had a chance to try it as you need to be photographing downwards onto the subject for it to look good.  Perfect opportunity to get some shots to play with this effect which are included in the gallery.

I will definitely go back there for another mooch around. I really wish I could have stayed longer but I was on limited time sadly.

I hope you like the images, honestly I took hundreds and really had to just chose the ones I liked the best.


11 thoughts on “Up High (and others.) Tilt and shift.

      • I think it’s fun to try something new and discover it isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

      • Lots of internet searches and reading. This was not done with a lens, it is just how you blur the photograph that gives this effect. These were first attempts so in the scheme of things probably not all that good but yes I love trying new things. Would love a tilt and shift lens but really for the money there are a billion other things that would come before a play lens. I have read that my camera has a tilt shift setting so ….. I will be back up there giving that a try! x Thank you for stopping by and commenting

    • haha Mrscarmichael, I am sure she would. I stumbled across it on Flickr so set about trying to find out how it was done. Just needed the right photographs to try it out.

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