Blackpool – Metropole

Metropole Hotel

I had a bit of a ‘moment’ when I was up there in that tower looking over the very place that I live and seeing it in all its glory on a crisp clear day. That moment was quiet literally ‘this is where I bloody live and I love it!’

This town is like Marmite. You really do either love it or hate it.

I think one of the things that I have found is that largely when I did not live here I really did not love it that much. It was the place that my mum and dad moved to when I was a teenager in the 80’s and the sheer force of that wind from the Irish sea played havoc with my three tins of hairspray perm perfection huge hair. That bothered me.

I moved here when I was 15ish and the wind blew me right back Manchester again aged almost 17 and there I stayed for many years. I really did not get the place at all.

Then I came back. I have two small children and was suddenly finding every opportunity to be here, as a grown up I just saw it with it different eyes, I also saw it through my children’s eyes and they loved it. Since then I have seen more and more and have asked myself on more than one occasions “why did I leave here?”

I came back at the end of September 2011. I live about half an hour (on the tram) from Blackpool which I prefer. If you follow the main road on that photograph I live a few miles that way, a two minute walk from the tram stop. It is quieter where I am and I like that I can dip in and out of the city center when I feel like it. This place sometimes gets a bit of a bad press but there is such a mix of things here and when you take the time to get to know it, it gets under your skin. Parts of it are gritty, but there is also fun, art, architecture and diversity.

I have decided that a new challenge for me is to photograph different aspects of where I live and try to show it in a more positive light.

The building I have made the focal point in this photograph is the Metropole Hotel. It is one of two oldest hotels in the area which has been here since 1785. It is the only hotel that sits directly on the shoreline. I am going to try to get inside a few of these places to see if they retain any of their original features, I will keep you posted.

So here endeth my first photo post about Blackpool.

13 thoughts on “Blackpool – Metropole

  1. It’s a great feeling to love where you live. I used to have that but then moved someplace else that was more affordable… now I love my house, but not my neighborhood or city. I miss the feeling of where I used to live. It may be time to dash the expense and figure out how to move back.

      • I know… I think my will isn’t quite behind the idea yet because I’m too worried about how we are going to afford it. I need to get my priorities figured out – do I want to live in a better area, or do I want to save money each month on a reduced mortgage, or do I want to take the money I’d spend on a better area and buy a house with a yard near where I live now, or…? Need to figure that out first, get my wife onboard, and then we will set our wills to it and off we will go.

      • I know, it is difficult. I was lucky enough that where I moved to was no more financially restricting than where I am now. When you are earning megga bucks as an writer you can move then 🙂

      • Now that’s a plan I can get behind! Just need to send my novel out to an agent… need to find some agents to send it to. I had decided late last week that I was ready to send it out, and I’m lucky enough to have a friend who is already working with an agent trying to get published as well, so… as soon as I can touch base with him I should have at least one person; we’ll see what happens from there.

  2. An amazing view from up there! It’s great that you feel settled in a good way, nothing worse than tolerating the place where you live! And that 80’s perm thing in the sea wind – yeah had one of those too, styled with hair mouse, kind of went a bit sticky in that wind!! I’ve thought at times that I might like the sea life, but not sure I’d enjoy it in winter, too cold! I think you have to be resigned to fluffy hair if you choose to live with the sea, my hair goes fluffy every time I go to the coast, I might be annoyed if I had to live with it for ever – or tie it in a tight bun! 😀

    • It is actually a very simple process. Providing the the photograph is the right subject and shot from high a simple blur in the right direction at the top and bottom of the photograph creates the miniature effect. You can buy a lens that does this in camera but they are very expensive. I applied the blur in photoshop. 🙂 Thanks commenting.

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