Guitar (and others)

GuitarThis is my 365 photograph for today and also an early visual valentines blog for my other half because he loves them. I don’t think we do cards, at least I don’t think we did last year so these are for him.

Music is what feelings sound like – Unknown.

And for amusement I snuck up these and surprised them!





And lastly just because I felt like it…. ArtyΒ Guitars.

GU-3-Art-SMPhotographs taken atΒ Β in Cleveleys


38 thoughts on “Guitar (and others)

    • I admire anyone who can play. I can’t but my other half can (really well actually) and my daughter is learning violin and clarinet. If I had two wishes it was that I drew more and took up an instrument. πŸ™‚

      • it’s never too late to start. I started at 13, but couldn’t really play until I was in my mid 30’s…It is really therapeutic playing πŸ˜‰

      • Honestly, between working, looking after the kids, photography, blogging and everything else I am not sure if I could fit it in even if I wanted to lol. I love guitar so much though. I could listen to it all night. I think at this point I will be content with that. πŸ™‚

    • I think so too. More personal and who wants to buy into all that rubbish anyway? Rather touch the heart in a good way than touch the wallet in a bad way x

    • Thanks Bella, for some unknown reason your comments ended up in my Spam bin so I have put that right. I went in and asked them if I could take some photographs, assured them that they were not for commercial use (ie sale) and they were quite happy to let me take some photographs. I sent them high rez copies of the snaps by email to say thank you. Not sure if they will just delete or not lol. πŸ™‚

  1. Sweet. Love that first shot, and I love guitars too (just recently picked up a bargain electric as haven’t had one for a few years). They’ve been captured well in your pics! There’s just something so iconic and cool about seeing rows of guitars.

    • Thank you, they are very beautiful. I have another music shop that I am due to go and take some photographs in. It is a very eclectic and place, very small but usually full of people sat around on anything they can find chatting about music so I am hoping it will be quite interesting.

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