46/365 – S is for … (And lots of others from today, with words an all sorts.)


Today the sun shone but I have been feeling a little like this photograph, a little bit solitary and uninspired. I saw that rare glimmer of the sun this morning and thought I must get out with my camera, I must leave now!

However recently I have found myself scowling at my camera and saying.  “I don’t know what you want from me, tell me… TELL ME!” Of course it can’t, it is just a camera, the day it can I will love it long time. 

I realised that the problem I have is that with lack of time and transport I am limited in where I photograph. I knew I was heading to the same place I have taken a billionty-two photographs before. Where is the inspiration in that? Well, there isn’t any is there? So I sat and thunk (that is Manchester for pondered profoundly whilst stroking my chin) and decided that while I was out I would only take photographs of anything I could name with the letter S and no matter how much I liked what I saw unless I could ‘S’ it up, the photograph was not going to be taken.

So, I welcome you to all things S.


Seagulls over people Strolling towards the Shelter.

DSC_0148-SMShelter, Steps and a person Staring at me. 
DSC_0133-sm NamedSci-Fi Shelter at a Strange angle looking a bit Slippery and Slimey.

DSC_0123-SM namedShiney loveheart Shaped coast and Sea.(I am Struggling now, help me out here!)

DSC_0086,SMSteps and Seeing a reflection that Stops you to take a Shot.


DSC_0063 SM NamedStones and Sky.

DSC_0015-SM NamedStopped in my tracks. 

DSC_0007-SMShutters and Sunglasses required.

DSC_0003-SMShergar?? (I think this might be the gateway to the local Abattoir?)

DSC_0001Statue that would Scare me Sh*tless meeting that on my way home after a wine or two. 

Here endeth my S day. Thank you for baring with me.



13 thoughts on “46/365 – S is for … (And lots of others from today, with words an all sorts.)

    • Thanks Matt, I did reply to this comment earlier but I don’t know where it has gone so I will reply again lol I have been told that I often use ‘barriers’ in my photography, I am not sure if that is subconscious or not. I just really liked this scene.

    • Thanks Cheryl, I was looking for Shadows when I spotted that reflection, I don’t think I have managed a good ‘reflection’ shot up to now so I was quite happy with that one.

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