49/365 – I want you to know.

DSC_0071 NamedGirl in the garden

I want you to know.

I see the changes.
I was once there.
You will pull away,
like you don’t care.

I did that too, you may not know.
My mum allowed my life grow.

I won’t bite tongue and we will fight.
I will not always get it right.
I will fight your corner time again,
comfort you throughout your pain.

You will come back though, she taught me so,
right now you need your chance to grow.
To find your mind and find your way,
to learn the things you need to say. 

She did that too, you may not know,
allowed me and my life to grow.

You will be something, you will be you,
not controlled and something true.
I can only guide you and gently say.
that I am here as you find your way.


14 thoughts on “49/365 – I want you to know.

  1. Ahh – this is lovely! I was a troubled girl at 13 onwards, and my mum allowed me space to grow out of it – and it worked! She looks a very lovely 1970’s in that picture! 🙂
    Hope you don’t mind me mentioning this, but I finally used one of my bits of photography in my latest post! Thought you might like to know. My user name came out a little too faint on the picture, but it’s on there somewhere! I’m still putting together a page with others on, might be a while for those yet. Trying to keep up with the writing, liking and comments, not a lot of time in the day left!! 😀

    • Oh send me a link Suzy. I feel a bit the same. I want to comment more on other peoples stuff but I am now following so many blogs it is finding the time! Thanks for your comments x

      • Oh yes, I know what you mean, steals your time away – nice kind of stealing your time, but there’s never enough time to do it all, and so many interesting blogs out there, especially the photography ones! I don’t know how anyone with children finds the time at all! 🙂

        It’s the latest poem I put up, and the photo is of the most perfect rose I’ve ever seen growing in my aunts garden (no wrinkly brown bits on the edges!) There was a tiny black fly on it that made it funny, so I removed it with Photoscape – handy tools! So here’s the link http://wordmusing.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/a-rose/ You can suggest alterations if you think it needs some. Looks very pink, and it was ‘very’ pink, I actually turned the saturation down a bit, because it looked like I’d turned it up, and the camera wasn’t even on the ‘Vivid Setting’ so the pinkest rose alive I think! 😀

  2. Beautifully written.”You will be something, you will be you,
    not controlled and something true.” Somehow, there is a bit of this in all of us. The world will try to change us as we get older, realizing who we really are help us find our way.

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