Random photographs with random words.


A small selection of my almost 10 year old’s shoe collection.

There are so many days that I struggle with this challenge. A busy day with the kids can see me at 8pm knowing I didn’t have the time to take a thought out photograph so as it is the holiday and my kids are my priority rather than my camera today I asked my daughter to choose what I shot. These were the photographs she asked me to take and I added some words to go with them because she rocks and is always a massive inspiration to me.

I added some words that I try to share with my children on life in general when a given situation warrants it. Some of them I will share when they are older. My Dad always was and still is a realist on life and always handed me a safety net of wise words and a place to be if I needed it as I was growing up, it served me well.

A few random rules of life according to Jo.

Do not walk in other’s footsteps. Make your own.
You will not always get it right, but learnt from your mistakes.
You may have lived longer than a child but do not be fooled in thinking that means you always know better.
Leave your baggage at the door when you pass through a new one.
Do not hold hands with your demons but allow them at times their journey with you. You are your demon.
Believe that anything is possible.
See the best in the best people and cherish those who see the best in you.
Recognise the people who will put you down or try to change you and know that it is OK to walk away from them.
Nobody is or ever will be perfect, and that is fine.
Everybody has a gift, you just have to let it find you and when it does grasp it with both hands and do not let go.
You are alive for a reason, that reason is not to fall to your knees and give up.
Always surround yourself with people who allow you to grow.
Allow other people in your life to be who they are.
Know that being hurt helps and feeling indescribable pain helps you grow. Pain is knowledge. You cannot write, draw or photograph with emotion if you have never experienced it first hand.
kiss as though your life depended on it.
Be passionate in all things.
Love with all your heart.

The bear I bought my daughter when she was born. Also almost 10 years old and still sleeps with her each and every night.
Rory. 51/365. The bear I bought my daughter when she was born. Also almost 10 years old and  he still sleeps with her each and every night.

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