Decrepit enchantment lost. A gallery.

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What once was there
has told its story.
Lost the love
of former glory.
Melted into icy dark
decrepit, enchanted, cold and stark.
The fire that was once there before
has lost its spark and is no more

12 thoughts on “Decrepit enchantment lost. A gallery.

  1. Great pictures, I love the B&W ones and the textures on that door (is it a door?).

    How to you get the gallery? is that within WP or where your images are hosted?

    • Thank you Steve, yes it is a door to an old boating house, I will get a shot of the tunnel that leads to it at some point. For the gallery you upload your photographs as normal and then on the left hand side of the uploader you click ‘create a gallery’ and WordPress uploads then as a gallery. Sometimes if you are posting a few it is an easier way to do it. Thanks for your comment. @-)

      • I just read the photo comments where is says “doorway” lol, I cannot see for looking sometimes. I tend to upload mine from photobucket so I don’t think Ill have that option, thanks for letting me know though.

  2. Sparkle lost? Oh no, the sparkle isn’t lost. It’s just transformed. These objects that once held beauty and fire and enchantment the way in which their creators had intended are now fully of mystery and history that can only come with the passing of the years. Their luster may be tarnished but it is replaced with character. Who are we to say which sparkles more?

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