girl I was inspired to take this photograph today after reading blog and viewing a photograph in one of her posts. Her blogs are always amazing to view, full of beautiful images, photography, art and words. Head over and take look for yourself, you will stay, trust me.

This is just a quick practice shot of the one that I have in mind, the actual photograph that I want to get will be more closely shot and probably on the beach when the weather improves. Until then I will keep it in my mind and know when I view this one that it is part of something else that I want to do.

I love photographing children, you don’t get any masks with them. Their personalities are right there to see, they don’t give you anything that they don’t want to give but they cannot help showing how they feel.

20 thoughts on “Girl

  1. Oh – new layout, very clean! 🙂 Made me smile when I saw this picture in the Reader! Definitely got the essence of the other picture! I agree on the idea of a closer shot, would make it more dramatic. It’s interesting how the clothes that are worn in a portrait can alter how we see the image, (dramatic, sweet, alarming…) sometimes having a tighter shot and not being able to see too much detail of the clothes is a good thing. She’s wearing the ideal clothes for this picture, they don’t distract the eye and are perfect with B&W. Something like this on the beach sounds a great idea – a bit freezing at the moment though!! 😀

    • Thank you for your inspiration Suzi it has give me some really good idea’s for shooting the lady. Sometimes looking at one photograph can really help to get the creative juices flowing. I already have the ‘one’ in my head. Will be spring now before I can get those shots. Thank you for your lovely blog that sparks little ideas in my often empty head x

      • Oh – thank you Jo! 🙂 I don’t mind if you want to nominate me, but I have explained on a post earlier that I wouldn’t be participating in awards because of the amount of time they take. I had another 2 given to me today, and I’ve now lost count of how many I’ve had! If I had gone through nominating I’d be snowed under with it all, and feeling quite depressed by it all to be honest, because I really want to focus more on writing, I have a novel to write! 🙂 Blogging is great fun, but I can’t let it take over all my time – and it does seem to be at the moment! I shall probably be posting less, may be two posts a week instead of every other day, but I shall still be around to like and comment on the posts going up.

        If you still want to nominate me, I’m quite OK with that, as long as you know I can’t participate in the rest. It seems quite a few others are doing this, and they don’t seem to mind! But, I really wouldn’t be mind if you left me out – and I don’t envy the task ahead of you! 😀

      • Right, I am now not thowing them your way. You are so right. To be nonest I find them both lovely and very hard work. In equal meausres. I long for the one that just says.. nominate just one other blog.. Just ONE and a not much more. That one I would do until the cow’s come home. In fact, you have inspired me to do a post about this tomorrow. This is why I still have five in my about you page, acknoledged but not responded to for the longest time. I feel proud but yet it still feels like ‘Share this if..’ on Facebook. Do I want people to like what I put put out, of course I do.. Do I need to stress myself out about it. No not really, I don’t care if I increase my readership, much rather people just stumble across me. I might even make my own award up that is really not hard work and given for no other reason than just liking what somebody else has to offer and putting them under no pressure at all.

  2. The intense tonal quality of this shot, combined with your deliberate choice of not being ‘too’ perfectly posed let’s the viewer INTO the shot instead of looking AT the shot, Jo. Great work.

  3. No, the pro’s conform to the rules, lighting has to to be just so, compostion has to be just so. Highlights midtones, sharpness. Just so. No, stop it. How about the heart of it and how it makes you feel? The more I learn about professional photography the more I am getting to the point where ‘pro’ excites me less and less. I would rather stay a novice forever than to comform to that.

  4. This is a great shot – sometimes we get the best results when we are trying to attain something else – I think you’ll find that the two shots you end up with (this one and the future beach shot) although taken with the same elements and idea in mind tell two very different stories. That’s what it is all about though in the end… thanks for visiting!

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