The healer of the broken.


This is the life she lives in
She has no blame to offer out.
There may be tears of sorrow,
that is all it is about.

This is the life that she carved out,
for her heart to be alone,
to not come first, she never will.
For that she won’t atone.

Always something of a stop-gap
until the lonely find their way.
To sooth and heal in groin and heart
yet with her they never stay

See, she can never be enough
that is the cross she has to bare.
To heal once sick and lonely hearts
into someone else’s care.

The healer of the broken,
the fixer of lost souls.
She no longer walks the path to find
her other half of whole.



2 thoughts on “The healer of the broken.

  1. I feel like this myself Jo! Beautifully described! It does appear some people are here for others, even if they would prefer it not to be that way. But maybe not forever – there’s so much life yet to live, the road may change direction when we least expect it! 🙂

  2. Thank you Suzi, I think circumstances dictate how things are sometimes and that is just how life is. I think the turn in weather has removed my photography head and popped my writing and digital art head back on at the moment. 🙂

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