It never was.

Walking awayMind open, the penny drops.
It was never meant to be.
All those words in pen and breath,
were never meant for me.
that sudden onslaught of heart and mind,
it simply couldn’t last.
When the person who I loved
is tied so deeply to their past.
Knowing that it never was
my name that they were calling,
Has somehow been enough
to heal and stop my tears
from falling.
I realise it’s better that
we live our lives apart.
I regret that time so wasted,
and I curse my foolish heart.
However sad it made me, it is better
that I know.
I can forget, it never was.
So now I let this go.
Memories are packed away,
the smile back on my face.
this is how it’s meant to be,
for that never was my place.
A little stop upon the way,
of the journey I must take
to find the soul that’s free of loss
of which I wont forsake.




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