20 Years.


The time was years and years gone by.
You took me to a place, elicit, wrong and secret. And I shook.
Could not even pick my drink up until you looked away
I waited or you would have seen
but you did, you knew.
You lifted a piano lid nearby and said something I thought was profound.
I was hooked.
The speed was unreal, the emotional let out relentless.
Thousands and thousands of words were written in the dead of night
until we thought we possibly had nothing else to share
we had laid our souls bare
Stripped to the core
yet still there was more and more.
That never stopped.
I waited, waited to hear you crash
then I knew you were there.
We danced to Orange Crate Art
underneath my spiral staircase
Where I played dead.
The kiss, oh the kiss
that turned my mind inside out,
stopped my thoughts so violently
that they tumbled over each other
and cancelled each other out.
Every touch was met by fire
and torn to shreds.
It did not mean.
It never had to.
It just was.
We knew we were on borrowed time
we watched the fire, broke the table
and we laughed until we cried.
I was your littlemoon and that then, was all it was.
All it would be.
All it needed to be.
You played the piano and I was lost
to Rhapsody in blue.
Whispered into my ear and I became it.
Taken to my inner me, my creative.
The devil in my soul that has loved and tormented
me since and ever more.
20 years.
Never once a curse amongst my memories.
Still always somehow appearing when I need words.
As if instinctively you feel that.
Somehow you still know.
Even after all this time.  


4 thoughts on “20 Years.

    • Thank you so much Suzi. I have woken up over the last few weeks with various lines from here banging around in my head and I jotted them down. They wouldn’t seem to shift so I thought I should try and do something with them. 🙂

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