We were never ordinary.

Guardian AngelYou said that you were my guardian angel, and I was yours.
That in life our souls would watch over the other.
Not for love, want or need
but for protection.
For always.
You were right.
Who else but us could walk into
a herd of angry cows
Not gentle and nuzzling the grass
but irate and blood thirsty and heading in
for the kill?
Only to run for cover to then find ourselves
amongst a long ago abandoned circus
Boxes and trailers
costumes and dolls.
Ghosts of animals and people in the air.
Deflated big top lifting at the edges
by the breeze.
I felt as if I had run into a waking lucid dream.
I think I jumped into the air
to see how slowly I might come down
such was the unreality of it.
Then in the dark we ate pasta watching the stars
in Tupperware and tinfoil on Mowcop.
As though all of that was normal.
Everything that should never have been customary
somehow to us always was.
We were never ordinary.



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