You can walk your own path.

It doesn’t matter how strong you are
or how clever.
They like your strength because the challenge is
to destroy it.
Once you have small minds and hearts
to protect,
and you can no longer think only of yourself
That person will then
stamp their narcissistic footprint on
your heart.
Because nurture and parenthood
and real love in every sense of the word
is what it is.
They want to be you, you see
they were just never good enough,
in their mind.
Truth told, they don’t want to be.
A victim probably of their own
life cycle.
Although never admitted or
owned up to.
Always somebody else’s fault.
So, they trap you in a cycle of their abuse
physical or emotional
what ever works for them
which ever you can tolerate
for the longest before your mind is lost.
Excuses tripping over your tongue
as if you now believe them yourself.
There is no gender by the way.
Abuse is abuse.
You have choices
and how ever long you victamise yourself
is up to you.
Nobody said it would be easy. It isn’t.
It is a lifetime of not easy.
Unlucky for you that you met that person
but you did.
Yet your fear is what they thrive on
what they get off on.
Your compassion is what weakens you.
Another day had you walked in another
Chose a different path,
this may never have happened to you.
It did though.
You can justify it in a million ways
but when you have small minds and hearts
to nurture
you must take them to a place where that does not
exist in their world.
If you have nothing else, ever, in your own world.
That is better than what was.
Accept that you will meet these people in your life
and remove yourself from them.
Nobody is obliged to be there.
without your invitation.

*For my friend. Stay strong.


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