Shadows of the mind.

ShadowsRewind my mind
to an innocent place.
Shadows and memories
not etched on my face.
Heart never toyed with
tangled or teased.
Mind never opened
thoughts not appeased.
would I make such mistakes
I have made up to now,
or chose a new path
that allowed me to grow?
Yet then I think of my life
of its journey and chase
all things that have happened
led me to this place.
Finally freed from restraints
of the heart.
A life full of love
once again at the start.

3 thoughts on “Shadows of the mind.

  1. We do appear to need to go through so much in life, to get to a place that we even feel half comfortable with! It’s good that we didn’t know all of that at a younger age, because it’s a painful thing to experience, but hopefully that process brings some sunshine, and dare I say – joy, in the end. A bit like giving birth I suppose – bitter and sweet at the same time!

    The picture is really interesting, I guess it’s your daughter? She looks very grown up! Very clever shadows, reminds me of an old film! 😀

    • Yep, we have to travel through things to shape who we are good or bad. Yes that is my daughter, she is turning into quite a fabby little model for me. 🙂

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