Defiance (Weekly Photo Challenge – Future Tense)

Frankie cropped front s‘The poem that isn’t a poem, just thoughts that come after a picture has been taken . Also question marks that I don’t really know where should go within the words, so I just put them all over the shop, where ever I felt fit.’ 

If you want something, 
really, want it.
Would you fight for it like a child.
Fight taking over all else
defiance raging and need over taking
all matter.
For the thing that you want, need, deserve
That maybe, just maybe deserves you too?
Would you, as in your youth
do anything required to bring forth changes
that needed to be made
to get your wish?
Or has life in its course
ripped you open
and bled that from you.
Torn fight from your heart
defiance from your eyes
and your needs from yourself.
So that all that is left
is empty eyes, lonely heart and
unrequited needs.
Free from all fight
need, defiance, longing.
Engulfed in nothing but
the pain of acceptance?
Will you, after all your
endurance, patience and pain
ever find that defiance
to step from the past to
the now and fight like a child?

‘The photo – My daughter’s hormones are raging within her just as mine as racing away from me. She pushes all my buttons and I push all hers, yet also her spirit and fight intrigue me and mesmerise me. I was just like her, I know this. I remember it clearly. I was absolutely no different. Me and my mum, the very same.

I love to capture a certain look in her eyes and I love that she allows me too. I know that we will fight, we will part, we will come together. We yell at each other. We yell at each other like alley cats sometimes and I think.. that isn’t right, but you know what, that is mum’s and daughters. We love as fiercely as we fight. I understand and she does too.

I don’t want her to lose her fighting spirit because she needs that. She also has kindness and compassion but my biggest fight with her is this… You really do not need to shout everything you have to say. Sometimes, just speak it quietly and you will be heard the loudest.

She like us will take the things that have shaped her in her past into her future.


17 thoughts on “Defiance (Weekly Photo Challenge – Future Tense)

  1. Great post. The poem is wonderful, the photo is beyond beautiful and you have composed a truly creative interpretation of the subject. Perfect…just perfect.

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  3. That may not be officially a poem, but if you hadn’t said I wouldn’t have known! 🙂 There are so many poetry styles that it’s impossible to define what is true poetry and what isn’t really. There are many people with poetry blogs where they daily spill out their random thoughts in sentences and some of it I love (and some I don’t!) I really like the last five lines about fighting like a child! We do seem to loose that fight as we get older, and for some there may be even more they will loose the older they get. It’s good to be aware of the differences of how you used to be and how you are today, because some are not aware, and they probably wont have a hope in hell of retaining or finding again what they once had!

    I love the photo! It almost looks like a painting! Got that soft, brushed look! You are so good at this Jo! 🙂 I wish my mother had been into photography, because I don’t have that many pictures of myself as a teenager, and the ones I do have are those embarrassing cheese grinning ones 😀 😀 😀 that don’t do a lot for the memories of who I used to be! These types of pictures will be really treasured in the future. A very precious moment – and you’ve captured it! 😀

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    • Thank you very much for your kind comments and for stopping by. She is a lovely little lady but as with them all, she has her moments lol.

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