We’ll see.

Stormy-SeaIt wasn’t a date, it was a meet.
Cameras in hand
eyes spotting the same things
at the same time.
Talking and laughing
as we have
I realised how long it
had been
since anybody had found
that side of me.
Made me laugh,
really laugh.
So it was a meet.
Not a date.
Why did I suddenly feel
so shy, so young
and foolish
When I never had
And why, when you moved
my hair from my face
did we kiss?
Not you kiss me,
or I kiss you
but we.
You told me that you
had wanted to do that
for the longest time.
I replied that I was not
going down that road
That these things never work out,
for me.
You kissed me once more
and I let you.
I felt saved
from my own
You smiled
and whispered into my
“We’ll see”


23 thoughts on “We’ll see.

    • Oh Linda, Linda, Linda thank you, you little tinker! how dare you disappear, timely though as I just watched the time travelers wife and is pretty much what you did haha! I miss you on my timeline and I will email you tomorrow. Wanted to today but everything caught up with me. xx

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