DSC_0554-blog“And so” Said Death “It’s your turn now”
He handed me some wine.
Slipped his arm around my waist.
Ran his fingers down my spine.
“For you there is just pleasure now”
He whispered in my ear.
“Allow me now to trespass you,
to keep all that you hold dear.
For you must not forsake me.
Open body soul and mind.
All of you belong to me.
From here on in, you’re mine”
And so, I let him take me.
Kisses hollow, cold and stark.
Closed my mind, lost my soul.
I had relinquished to the dark.


8 thoughts on “Taken.

    • Thank you very much. It is all fiction, however the words are usually spurred on by something I have seen or heard. This is a mixture of reading a blog about domestic violence and finding out that a close friend was terminally poorly on the same day. This was kind of the result of that combination.

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