Peacock Butterfly

Here I am trying to do some housework and things keep distracting me, like the sounds of helicopters, planes, birds and spotting a flutterby (or is it a moth?) in the garden. So I keep grabbing the camera and running outside.

This is quite a tatty little thing sadly, I wonder where about it is in it’s short life cycle? First close up with the new lens and having viewed the photographs I realise that I really have some work to do on getting the focus how I want it to be.

Still early days yet, lots to learn. Onwards and upwards.


15 thoughts on “Flutterby

    • Thank you, I lost the focus a little on the right wing and I really wanted to get it from the front but it wasn’t playing and flew away. lol

  1. I think this is the first one I have seen so far this spring. I love them, They really do make you feel as though spring has finally arrived.

  2. Beautiful picture of a peacock butterfly. One of our hibernating butterflies – probably responding to sunlight and – at last warmth and looking for a pit stop to fill up after a long sleep. the eyes on the wings are meant to confuse predators which would attack (it is believed) the eyes of prey – so drawing attention away from the butterfly’s head.
    Survival of the luckiest – or something like that.

    • Wow thank you for that information. Poor thing will not have much of chance to get out up to now, today was really the very first day there has been any warmth what so ever. Makes me very excited to see more of these over the warmer weather.

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