I didn’t let you in.

DSC_0682-SMI didn’t let you in when you knocked.
Truth is I was scared
that someone as good as you
would single out
someone like me.
I was scared of friendship,
of the love of it and loss of it.
So when you came to me,
in my fear
I let that pass.
Stark lessons learnt.
You so open,
me so closed.
And you tried
and I knew.
I was just afraid.
You thought, and you knew
you never stopped
trying to be my friend.
Even when I put the walls up,
Still you did those things,
that you just do.
Find the vulnerable, the afraid
The people who have been
where you have been.
See now why does it take this,
to make me realise,
that those walls needed to come down?
Why has it taken losing you to
damn myself for not allowing myself
to find you?
I did know that you were special
I was just afraid to
let you in
and then perhaps lose you as a friend.
And yes this is selfish of me
because I am just a fool.
A fool who has now learnt
because of you, and only you
to simply accept.




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