Your kiss.


Look inside my soul
Whisper my name
throughout the trees.
A kiss so raw and sweet
that it has brought me
to my knees.
Take my heart and
lie me down
among the bracken
and the stones.
Your very self is
part of me,
you have seeped
inside my bones.
What devil person
brought you here
to surround me
in your bliss?
For I would die
a thousand deaths
than be forsaken by
your kiss.

24 thoughts on “Your kiss.

  1. You don’t want to go lying around in bracken. You’ll end up with a damp patch on the seat of your trousers, and then everyone’ll know what you’ve been up to. And creepy crawlies. They get everywhere. You’ll be flossing them out of your crevices for weeks.

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