A suprise new addition to my family…


I was in town and just happened across the Greyhounds in need charity out with all the doggies. I went over and just immediately fell in love with this fella and spontaneously adopted him.  He is is four, I don’t know his name and background as yet although it is clear he is a very placid doggy. They are bringing him to my house tonight for a stay-over and to check that everything is fine with where I live and then that is that. This chap will be another member of our little family.

The children are away this weekend so I really cannot wait to see their faces on Sunday when they meet him. I will post more later when I have found out a little bit more about his life so far.


21 thoughts on “A suprise new addition to my family…

  1. That’s lovely Jo. Those greyhounds make wonderful pets. My friend had one and he was brilliant with the kids. Absolutely hated men though! Hope he brings you all joy. Wonder what the cat will think of him lol?

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  2. I’m not a fan of pedigree dogs. I’ve got nothing against the dogs themselves – quite the reverse. It’s the dogs I feel sorry for. They’re the canine equivalent of the aristocracy, full of medical problems and slightly loopy. Only they didn’t choose to interbreed.

    • Lol I know what you mean Brian. I hate though that the racing industry have these dogs for racing and stuck in kennels then if they are not making them money or are injured they are just abandoned. I just couldn’t bare to leave him there, he needs a home.

  3. OMG I am so envious. We lost our last dog a fortnight ago and for independence reasons I’m attempting not to get another one for a while at least. But it’s very hard.
    greyhounds are lovely dogs. Your children will thrilled.
    Hoping all goes well on the sleep-over.

  4. MY aunt had a Greyhound mixed with something else – more Greyhound than the mysterious other breed, and it was the most sweet sensitive dog I’ve ever met. So hopefully you will have the same! 🙂 But dogs are a lot to take on, nothing like having a cat. Cats just do their own thing, dogs like you to do their thing, especially when it comes to walking!! Have you had a dog before? And I can just imagine your children’s faces! 😀

    • He is a pure breed, used to race at Belle View and he is very, very gentle and placid. I have had dogs before and I promised the children because where we live is so perfect that we would get a doggy. He is perfect. I have found out tonight that his racing name is Vatican Stein and his doggy name is Jock. I am in love with him already.

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