Inside my daughter’s room.


A sense of fear yet wonder,
time rushing by so soon.
The dollies changed to interests,
inside my daughter’s room.

That point where life can’t beat you,
endless possibilities of who she’ll be.
Such tender years with much to learn,
experience and see.

Transformations happen quickly,
I watch and can’t assume.
That those changes won’t be wonderful,
inside my daughter’s room.

8 thoughts on “Inside my daughter’s room.

  1. I love that image!! And interesting thoughts there! The changing of the room, mm… I remember mine changed quite a bit at teenage. I exchanged my dollies for Doctor Who books and space posters! And a wardrobe of important 80’s clothes, which I’m horrified to see in the shops again! What did you exchange your dollies for? 😀

    • Mine was posters of popbands (She has those as well) and yep, terrible 80’s clothes and tapes of music and my trustee tape recorder of course. I certainly was not sewing, videoing and taking photo’s at her age but then, these things are much more accessible to them these days. I do remember writing angst filled poems about love (didn’t even know what love was at that age haha) and I loved my Polaroid camera though. 🙂

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