Changed me. Simplistic Rhyme, solitary picture.


All these things have changed me,
bit by bit,
the journey from a life
which did not fit.
Closing doors to past days,
letting go.
Removal from the things
I used to know.
A better way for us
is where I lead.
My children, pets, friends, love,
that’s all I need.
Contentment at this scale
I’ve never known.
Heart nourished theย first time,
I have grown.
So, as we take our wander
by the sea,
I know there is no other
life for me.
I could not want for more,
or even less,
surrounded and enriched
by happiness.


18 thoughts on “Changed me. Simplistic Rhyme, solitary picture.

    • Aw thank you. I honesty can never say I write poetry. I have read poetry and what I do is not that.. Simple rhyming sentences is what I do without the use of very big words and not ambiguous in any way shape or form to hopefully offset a nice photograph that I have taken is all I try to do xx

  1. So touching and rings so true in my heart! What I love about the photo is the texture, the colors, the transitional change that reflects your words.

  2. It’s a beauty of finally finding “you”…who we are! It is enriching to read a poem like this. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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