Three guesses where we went this bank holibob weekend…

A different viewpoint

A different viewpoint

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The things I wanted to shoot more than anything were the giraffes  monkeys, orangutans, elephants and wolves.

The elephants were indoors and behind a really high thick metal fence that was not for zooming through, was still amazing to see them though and I did what I could under the circumstances.

The monkeys and orangutans were getting a new enclosure built so were not out at all… gutted. However, it was as always an amazing day.

I have literally hundreds of photographs but just posting a few for now. My favorite is the brazen monkey sunbathing with his baby and his …. ummm bits and bobs out, scratching his chest and looking like an animal version of the back stage of a Jeremy Kyle show.

Best bit of the day was the simplest for me, peacocks showing off to their females . I have not seen that up close since I was a child. 

I really want to go back soon and get some more pictures. I have always felt a little uncomfortable with animals caged up but they all seemed quite happy and contented and well looked after. I cannot lie, I would much prefer to enjoy wildlife on a safari but you know, without that lottery win the zoo will have to do and it was worth every penny.  Fabulous rare sunny day (god the weather here has been dire up to the last few days!) and I actually got a bit sunburn on the back of me neck!! 

Roll on summer and this weather to continue so we can do more of this. 

21 thoughts on “Three guesses where we went this bank holibob weekend…

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  2. Your kids are adorable. The Peacock and the Giraffes are my favorites. The first photo of the Peacock – I love that viewpoint!

    • Thank you, the peacocks are amazing. I haven’t seen one fanning its tail like that since I was a kid. It was fantastic.

  3. I recognise every one of those animals cos I work there. what gave it away was the peacock in the first pic! He loves that green electric cupboard for want of a better expression! He spends most of its time looking and fanning its feathers at it!

    • Thank you. I am still converting some, I keep going back and finding others that I like. It really was a lovely day 🙂

  4. Some lovely pics! 🙂 Though I am not keen on zoos these animals all look in good condition, as you mentioned. I especially liked the giraffe pics, because they have such large eyelashes, always makes me smile. 🙂

    • The giraffes are beatiful. The keepers seem quite passionate about their welfare and there are lots of babies being born, they all seem happy. 🙂

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