Daily Prompt – What is Love?

DSC_0109 72

What is love? Warbled Howard Jones, A good question to ask.
Sat together on the prom with butties and flask?
Butterflies in tummy every time you see them smile
Missing your time together, pining for them all the while?

Thunderbolts and lightning, sonnets flying through the air?
Planning for the future knowing the other will be there?
That may be how it is for others, it is really not for me.
Cause no matter how I try I cannot make it work you see.

I find it too exhausting, all those emotional ups and downs.
Scrabbling for things in common when there is nothing to be found.
People wanting to change you into something that you’re not,
all the things you had about you end up put away, forgot.

I am not cold; far from it. I just never liked a gimmick,
and if the truth be told, I will confess I am a cynic.
So I got myself a cat instead, in fact, hell I went whole hog.
I went out and I got myself a really massive dog.

Perhaps I have never met so far the man who’s meant to be
my picture perfect soul mate who would not drain the life from me.
Happy with my life and unable to commit,
My kids, my camera and my pets, and really, so be it.


14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – What is Love?

  1. Love is…a terrible single-panel cartoon that used to be in the Daily Mail or some other such rag.
    On a more personal note, love is probably having to put up with a cat’s bum in your face because you don’t want to disturb it.

  2. Oh I remember that awful cartoon too. Bleuch!

    I understand what you’re saying here, Jo, I felt that way for many years. I had a wonderful cat friend called Jack who slept in my bed and drank water from my glass.

    Things changed eventually, perhaps they’ll change again.

  3. i can feel your bunny contentment…its being at peace with yourself and your life and no longer wanting any relationship that requires too much hard work for me…have a great day

    • Thank you I think I have finally got to a very peaceful place and my photo’s and words always tend to go hand in hand with how I feel. When I am very happy that is when I really get stuck into new things. x

    • I went into a flower shop/Art gallery to take this because I spotted it through the window and the sun was shining on it through the window just perfectly. I am now friends with the owner of the shop and I must pop in again soon to take some more photographs 🙂

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